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Connect with Top Potentials

FOLKHIRE give you the freedom to search for top talents in the industry, as well as matching you with talents that might suit your job opening. This allows you to have first hand pick of our pool of talents.

  • Applied applicants get shortlisted based on your specific requirement
  • Companies are able to have access to our passive talent pool
  •  Accurate first impression on both active and passive candidates

One Stop Hiring Portal

Significantly reduce time taken to find the right candidate. Our complete hiring features allow you to do basically everything here with FOLKHIRE.

  • Accept, Send and Reject all interview request
  • Start interviewing candidates
  • Repeat until you find the right candidate


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No Hidden Fees

Transparency is key here with FOLKHIRE. Our prices are all inclusive with no hidden fees. Choose the best plan for you and that’s it, no more charges!

  • Unlimited access for one price
  • Start hiring with the best plan for you



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